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Our specialism takes us everywere!

Basically EDM Service will do anything possible for your wire EDM machine either repair or service or carry out periodic maintenance. We however do more, such as helping with a relocation or a training (internal or external).

We also repair your voltage regulators and print boards, also a CNC screen mostly can be repaired.

We have a lot of original spare parts with us or we seek a good working solution so you can continue working again, in the meantime we can order de original part and after consultation it can be installed when it fits you best.

With more than 25 years of experience we are used to something and are not beaten quickly, we will continue seeking until your problem or malfunction is solved properly.

Because of our long experience and many good contacts we are home in many markets, we can deliver you with original parts for a fare price. Our specialism does not stop at Mitsubishi, Hitachi, Brother, Fanuc and Sodick, but also other brands and types are no stranger to us.

For more information or questions or even remarks you can always contact us.



In 1770, English physicist Joseph Priestley studied the erosive effect of electrical discharges. Furthering Priestley's research, in 1943 the EDM process was invented by two Russian scientists, Dr. B. R. Lazarenko and Dr. N. I. Lazarenko. In their efforts to exploit the destructive effects of an electrical discharge, they developed a controlled process for machining of metals. The discharge generator effect used by this machine, known as the Lazarenko circuit, was used for many years in the construction of generators for electrical discharge.

Additional researchers entered the field and contributed many fundamental characteristics of the machining method we know today. In 1952, the manufacturer Charmilles created the first machine using the spark machining process it was presented for the first time at the European Machine Tool Exhibition in 1955.

In 1969 Agie launched the world's first numerically controlled wire-cut EDM machine. Seibu developed the first CNC wire EDM machine 1972 and the first system manufactured in Japan.

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