Service is a very important part of our company and very essential for you as a customer. We can help you find the right parts so that you can mount it yourself. It is also possible that we take everything under control from suppling the right parts, mounting them and then completely checking and testing the machine for you. With us Service always goes first before other work because there is nothing more annoying than a standing or not properly working machine.

Repair Erodeer Machines

The repair of the machine can be done by using new or used parts, if we have the used parts in stock. We can offer you a price of the parts, for the traveling and working hours we make an estimate calculation. On our service report, we write down the total number of hours, these will be invoiced.

Maintenance Erodeer Machines

Maintenance is a wide area, it can be a yearly check were for example ventilators, power cables and wire guides are checked and in agreement be renewed. After this we can check the machine functions and if needed readjust them, test everything and do a test cut. But you might also think about a part of the machine, like the tank unit and pumps or the automatic wire threading, unit were there is maintenance needed.

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